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The Library

The library is an important part of the college which accomplishes the demands of teachers and students. About 44000 text and reference book, 3000 journals are available in the library. It also has question banks. The librarian registers each and every new book in consultation with the relevant departmental heads. Also, every new book gets seal of college immediately. Without seal, no book can be issued to anyone.

Library Card is provided to student after admission by the professor in-charge of the library. This card has name, roll no and class of the student imprinted. In case of lost or damaged library card, anyone can get it re-issued by paying the amount of Reissue Charge. The student must take care of the card and report to the concerned professor or librarian as soon as possible in case of lost or damage. The library card is non-transferrable and violation of it shall be punished according to law.

At the end of session or leaving the college, the library card must be handed over to the librarian. It is necessary before paying fees of the university examinations.

The maximum number of issues allowed is here:

Other than teachers and professors, every member of library must return the issued book(s) within fifteen days. The teachers have one month to return issued book(s) and they will obtain books by signing the library register. The books used for general study of teachers and students may be returned at the end of session. A teacher can issue books of one day in urgent needs, but in this informal situation it should be returned the same day.

Text books would be issued to students only. Other members can get these after permission of the department head.

If a student fails to return books on scheduled time, he/she have to pay fifty paisa per book per day as late fine. If it could not be returned within 30 days, then they have to pay the price of book(s) plus ten rupees as fine.

The professor in-charge or librarian has the authority to issue these books:

The librarian can prevent any book from being issued in particular situations. The library may issue books for reading in Library Reading Hall, but it must be returned before end of classes that day. No returning would invite fine of one rupee per day per book.

After passing the last date of return, an issued book must be returned within three days of information.

If a book is part of a series and it is not available in individual, then the price of entire series will be charged as fine. If any series of books is rare then with the permission of principal, librarian may charge double amount of the book or series as fine.

Marking on pages or causing any damage to books is prohibited and punishable. If a book is already damaged, then the member must inform the library before issue of that book.